• Superior power transmission capacity as compared to standard Belts
  • Specially treated outer cover fabric for high wear resistance
  • Specially coated aramid cord enhances the adhesion strength and offers minimum elongation
  • Unique design in wrap construction to facilitate operation on smaller pulley diameters with acute reverse bend
  • High performance in variable load & reverse idler drives
  • Longer service life
  • Extended temperature range: -25°C to + 100°C

Constructional Details

  • 1. Special top fabric layer
  • 2. Adhesion rubber
  • 3. Especially treated aramid tensile member provides extra strength & low belt stretch
  • 4. High modulus rubber base compound
  • 5. Multi-layer fabric provides extra strength & act as a crack barrier during reverse bend

Product Range

Section Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Manufacturing Range
Min. (inch) Max. (inch)
RH80-A 13.0 8.0 46 185
RH80-B 17.0 10.0 46 156
RH80-C 22.0 11.0 46 176


Intermediate sizes are available upon request


Rice harvesters, planters, etc.

Product Label

Keilriemen Antriebsriemen Klassische Keilriemen Schmalkeilriemen Zahnriemen Keilrippenriemen DoppelKeilriemen Doppelzahnriemen Breitkeilriemen Hochleistungs-Keilriemen Kfz-Keilriemen Landwirtschaftsriemen Verbundriemen Gartenbauriemen Flankenoffene-Formgezahnt Keilriemen Wartungsfreie Keilriemen Hochleistungs-Antriebsriemen Keilriemen mit Aramid Hochleistungszahnriemen Spezialriemen