Rice harvesters have helped significantly improve productivity of rice harvesting which used to be a highly labour-intensive industry back in the day. Given the extreme conditions that are characteristic of this application, the modern Rice Harvesters call for the Belts to be extremely robust and reliable.

PIX Rice Harvester Belts are specially engineered for the heavy-duty rice harvesting machines, equipped to reliably transmit power even in adverse conditions with high efficiency

The series comprises of host of products in Raw Edge Cogged and Wrapped construction-

  • PIX-Dominator®-XR
  • PIX-Enforcer®-XS
  • PIX-Valiant®-XS

PIX-Dominator®-XR Rice Harvester Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts


  • Extremely high power transmission capacity
  • Aramid cord reinforcement for high tensile strength
  • Lower elongation and slippage
  • Excellent performance under heavy shock load conditions
  • Superior lateral rigidity & longitudinal flexibility industrial and agricultural applications.
  • Suitable for drives with small pulley diameters
  • Suitable for heavy duty, high speed applications
  • Anti-static, oil and heat resistant
  • emperature range: -25˚C to +100˚C

Constructional Details

  • 1. Stretchable top fabric
  • 2. Specially designed rubber compound
  • 3. Aramid cord reinforcement for high tensile strength & minimal elongation
  • 4. Fibre filled high modulus base compound
  • 5. Moulded coggs for better flexibility & also protected with crack resistant bottom fabric

Product Range

Section Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Manufacturing Range
Min. (inch) Max. (inch)
RH10-BX 17.0 10.0 22 85
RH10-CX 22.0 11.0 22 85


Rice harvesters, planters, etc.

Product Label

Keilriemen Antriebsriemen Klassische Keilriemen Schmalkeilriemen Zahnriemen Keilrippenriemen DoppelKeilriemen Doppelzahnriemen Breitkeilriemen Hochleistungs-Keilriemen Kfz-Keilriemen Landwirtschaftsriemen Verbundriemen Gartenbauriemen Flankenoffene-Formgezahnt Keilriemen Wartungsfreie Keilriemen Hochleistungs-Antriebsriemen Keilriemen mit Aramid Hochleistungszahnriemen Spezialriemen