PIX-X'slit Belt Cutting Machine

PIX-X’slit Belt cutting machine is designed for cutting individual Timing Belts as well as V-ribbed Belts and Flat Belts from sleeves.

Cutting range

  • Maximum Belt sleeve width up to 750mm
  • Maximum Sleeve length up to 5800mm
  • Timing Belt can be cut into the width of 1mm and above
  • Ribbed V-Belt can be cut, minimum up to 1 rib

Safety and protective measures

  • Design of circuitry according to DIN VDE 0113
  • Safety cover of die disk
  • Lockable main switch
  • 2-channel emergency stop circuitry
  • The separate system starts the controller
  • Motor protection by a motor circuit breaker and protective function of a frequency converter
  • Low voltage control 24V
  • Monitoring of cutting shaft by capacitive sensors

If you would require any additional information, please write an e-mail to us at info@pixtrans.com

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