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PIX-GreenPower®-XS (Halogen Free Belts)

PIX-GreenPower®-XS Belts represents the most recent development of the PIX range and provides excellent performance in all applications where PIX standard belts are used. The belt's fabric is specially made which is free from halogen components. This particular type of fabric renders the belt halogen free feature and helps making surrounding environment healthy and fresh.

The Belts have a very long useful working life and operate perfectly at temperatures ranging from -18ºC to +80ºC.

GreenPower Belts


• Efficient performance without any harmful emissions.
• No toxic emissions during manufacturing, testing and during   running conditions
• REACH & RoHS compliant
• Eco-friendly belts
• Smooth and hassle free running operation
• Halogen free
• Helps pollution free environment, healthy flora and fauna

Product Range:

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